Tatasky World Screen Launch

On 28th of March, Tata Sky held its World Screen launch exclusively for bloggers. With impeccable preparations, the venue was at Barleyz, Bangalore. The event began with the promo video of World Screen when eyes watched in awe.

To highlight the excitement, Arnav Rao came up to the stage to treat the guests with standup comedy. His jokes were based on the stories around the world and well connected the gathering to the Tata Sky World Screen.

Among the crowd stood bloggers from gadget, literature to fashion categories. Totally engrossed when the food and beverages were served watching the Babylon Berlin preview.

Review and Features

Tata Sky offers the World Screen for just Rs.75 and it gives us all the right reasons to change our Dth services to Tata sky. Moreover, after looking at the curated content, one could only get more curious. Tata Sky answers the question that we usually break our heads on, “Aaj Kya Dekhna Hai?”

Usually stuck upon a junk to select from or forced to watch the wrong content. Both the scenarios are eliminated with movies and TV shows in Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Belgium, Israel, Cuba, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Swahili, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. They are either dubbed or provided with subtitles.

For the dynamically changing television viewers, this is perhaps the best deal they can get by simply sitting on the couch. All the hard work from selecting and previewing is done on behalf of them.

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