Uber Hide Data Leak Information Of 57 Million People For One Year

Uber, an app-based taxi booking service, said that hackers have stolen private data of 57 million subscribers and drivers associated with their platform. This thing has been hidden for a year.

The company’s chief executive said in a statement: “There should not have been anything like this and I will not make any excuses for this.”

Uber has removed two members of the Information Security team from the company with immediate effect. Both of them did not give information to consumers on time that their data was stolen. He said that only recently he has come to know that any outsider downloaded a large amount of data by checking the security of the cloud server used by the company.

According to Uber, the names of the consumers, e-mail address, mobile number and the names of six lakh drivers and their license numbers have been stolen in the information.
Sources say that after getting the information, Uber also paid 65 lakh rupees to the hackers to destroy the stolen data. About this, VP of MacAfee Lab said, “It took a long time to share the information of data theft.” He said the decision to pay the hackers to be uncommon and raised the question whether it is wise. He said that you can not count on thieves that they have not copied or leaked data in any way.

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