If you use online banking then be careful

If you also use online banking service, then you need to be very careful, because hackers have discovered a new way to hack you. According to a blog post from Cisco’s Talos, hackers can steal user’s data by displaying a wrong result in Google search through a malware called Zeus Panda and money can be lost from your bank accounts.

According to the report, through this malware hackers show fake bank links on the basis of their Google search. For example, if you search your bank’s name in Google, hackers will show you a fake link at the time and as soon as you click on that link to enter your banking details, the hackers will be captured on your bank account and your account will be empty

On this new method of hackers, the security firm Avast’s spokesperson told the media that this method is completely new and people do not know about it, whose advantage is being used by hackers.

Never forget, do not search your bank’s link in Google. If you want to use internet banking and do not have information about the link, then check the document for your bank passbook or internet banking and use internet banking only from the link provided by the bank.

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