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Video Viral: Girl Drags a Big Lizard in Restaurant

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Today, a video on the Internet nowadays is capped. It’s something a girl has done is just not any ordinary human being.

Australia 180 centimeter long lizard in a restaurant (monitor lizard) sitting there all the people came to his party became afraid. Broke into the restaurant were surprised to see such a large animal and began screaming.

But then everybody went to save the 25-year-old girl. France Samia Leela again with the big lizard monitor lizard, something which could not be the biggest generous. Samia plenty on the internet is going viral.

Samia said that when he saw the large lizard was sitting next to the chair. Samia is a dog, but she already showed that it looked at from a ‘monitor lizard’. Samia not scared of him and pulled him kicked out.

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