Viral Photo Policeman Pleading for Road Safety

Written by Anuj Prajapati

The picture of a policeman of Andhra Pradesh is getting viral for the last few days, he is standing in front of a family going on a motorcycle. The man was carrying four people on the bike, in which his two children, wife and a relative were involved. It is clear in the photo that both the children of the boys were sitting on the bike tank.

After the photo became viral, it was discovered that the name of the policeman being seen was B. Shubh Kumar. He is the circle inspector in Anantkumu. He was doing a program on road safety with five sub-inspectors of his police station, only when he was leaving the bike.

According to the news of the Indian Express, Shubh Kumar said that during the road safety campaign the man came in front of him and he was surprised to see. Seeing so many people on a bike, they joined hands with helpless and desperate ones.

Viral Photo

Shubh Kumar said that he had scolded the bike that he was not careful about the safety of his family and in the way his children are trapped in handles, there would be trouble in turning his bike, due to which the accident could happen.

Police later found out that the person has been caught breaking the rules several times before. On that day no member of his family had set up a helmet.

Shubh Kumar said that many campaigns were run to explain the people on their behalf, interviews of those who lost their family in a road accident, but did not make any difference to the people.

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