Viral Video: King Cobra drinks water from bottle in Karnataka

Written by Anuj Prajapati

If you are talking about King Cobra then just think about how much fear is created in the mind. It is often that whenever we see a snake, we try to kill it or run away from life. A video of Karnataka is becoming viral, which is really going to be a surprise. In Kaiga, located in the northern part of the state, some people gave water to the bottle instead of killing the snake, whose video is now becoming viral.

On March 28, this video uploaded to YouTube has been watched nearly 13 lakh times. The video shows that 12 feet long King Cobra is drinking water from the bottle instead of killing or extinguishing the people.

King Cobra, considered to be extremely dangerous, seems to drink water with peace. To give water, a person is holding a snake tail and the other is drinking water from the bottle. At the same time there are some other people who are watching this view.

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