Viral Video: Women Head Stuck in Metro

Written by Anuj Prajapati

The video of the New York metro station in the American media is showing nowadays In this video, a woman’s head is trapped between two doors, and all the people standing there look at her.

When traveling in a bus or a metro, your attention will sometimes have gone to the gate. To prevent any untowardness, these gates are installed in the metro and bus for safety. It seems impossible to think that this gate, put in the security of people, can become an enemy of someone’s life.

According to the news, this video is Tuesday, when the woman is afraid of missing the last train and tries to catch the metro. In this endeavor, the girl succeeds in coming inside the train, but her head is left out and the doors of the Metro are closed.

A spokesperson for Subway-run agency ‘MTA’ in New York says that ‘this is an unfortunate event. Although now the woman is safe and she does not need any medical help.


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