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Work from home, translator job for Government, Earn 10,000 Monthly

Written by Anuj Prajapati

The arrival of the internet has created many opportunities for home-based online earnings. But today we are told about the opportunity through which you can work from home to the Indian government.

India involved in creating digital Modi government has launched an initiative, through which you can earn just 10 thousand rupees each month, but also with the government in nation building through which you give. No investment and no complicated process. You just have to work with the Government and internet connection should be typing.


You have to work for Government

Narendra Modi government tried to do everything digitized. The Central Government had over the years, millions have started to official files also digitally.

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Data entry work for the government. For this, you will have to register yourself at Then you start working.

The government has scanned millions official files. Now the contents of these files to digital form seeking help from the public in addition to being given the opportunity to earn them.


The process is to register yourself

Digital India after the site itself, you must register first. This being an Indian and you must have the Aadhar Card. Here’s your email ID, mobile number and other details are to be entered. After you sign into the details of data entry work can begin.

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His work is needed to achieve the earnings Aadhar Card linked to your bank account. Only after the money in your account will be credited.

These will be your job

After digitizing your task will have to register on India. The general Snippets (words are broken into pieces), which are image files as you come to the fore. You have to type in these columns.

One word to type before you come, so it is quite easy to work. These reward points you get for completing the task.


How to redeem reward points?

India to digitize the data entry get reward points. Each reward points is equal to two cents. Words 20 to 40 minutes (wpm) if your typing speed, you’ll be able to earn Rs 10 thousand each month. Reward points to redeem reward points to your account must be at least 2,500. Also, in addition to credit them to your bank account if you wish, they can also donate to the Government.

Where the reward money redeems reward points to 2500 is necessary. However, in order to donate, it went under the minimum 1500 points.

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