10 out of 1000 the most visited websites can be hacked

Explaining how vulnerable your description is to your favorite internet website, a research has said that out of the top 1,000 most visited websites on the Internet, there are more than 10 websites that can be hacked.

According to Alex C. Snoren, professor of the University of San Diego, California and senior author of this research in the US, nobody is above this. No companies, no country, it’s going to happen. The only question is when will it be?

most visited websites can be hacked

One of Snoren’s Ph.D. students and the first author of this research, Joe DeBalasio said that one percent probably does not look much, but there are millions of websites on the internet in the world, according to which millions of websites can be hacked every year.

Debalasio said, “It is scary to have one percent ownership of big shops going to someone else.” In order to ascertain that when the website is hacked, computer scientists have created a special device called Tripwire, which has been successfully tested. This device monitors the activity of the e-mail account associated with it. The team presented the equipment at the ACM Internet Mizoram conference in London.

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