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10 Social Media Marketing Tips

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Social Media marketing is all the rage nowadays to promote and market your product much faster than usually possible through other methods. The methods mentioned here will help an individual or a company boost their sales leads and will eventually lead to higher conversions. Given below are ten tips to do the same:

1. Use a Blog on your Website
To cover current affairs and updates related to your field of expertise or services. You can share valuable knowledge or use as a forum for the expression of opinions regarding domain knowledge. Using this method you can fill your social media accounts with valuable content.

2. Brand Your Facebook Page
Several sections of the Facebook page and timeline can be branded with your personal brand image. You can personalize your cover photo and profile image and even your Facebook icon with your personalized branding.


3. Offering distinct content on Products and Services on your Facebook Page
When you put up exclusive and unique content on your Facebook page about your products and services and give them a wide range to select from, then the online audience will have a reason to like your Facebook page and posts.

4. Design a customized Facebook App for your products
By developing a customized Facebook app for your product or service it can provide added functionality to your Facebook page and get an increased number of leads for your business.


5. Incorporate Compelling visuals
Social Media marketing can be hugely augmented by using creative images and graphics coupled with well-placed infographics in the content. This will get the user’s attention garnering likes and promoting more shares per user.

6. Customize your Twitter Page
Similar to branding your Facebook page, you can also personalize and customize your twitter page and profile to reflect your personal branding. This will make the page memorable and will leave a lasting impression on your user.


7. SEO optimization for LinkedIn profiles
To enable customers and clients to find your service faster you can use SEO optimization techniques and keyword placement to boost page rankings for your LinkedIn website.

8. Pinterest Website Optimization
It is always a good idea to make sure your website pages are Pinterest friendly since infographics and graphic infused textual content gain more views than pure text-based content. This will bring about high levels of user engagement.

9. Promote Content Sharing on User Profiles
You can promote sharing of your personal content on user profiles by making the content interesting and using discussion boards and forums to do the same.


10. Utilize Facebook Open Graph for Video Sharing
When users share your product page, a timeline entry is automatically added which includes a title, description, and image of the post. In the place of the image, you can also use a video.

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