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15 Instruction that Indian Student Received From Their Teachers

Written by Anuj Prajapati

When I was a kid. I face so many teachers in my life. some teachers are strict and some are funny. Sometimes teachers dialog makes them famous or remarkable.

Here is some instruction that we face in our childhood.


1) This is the worst class that I have ever faced.
2) Why are you Talking during my Lesson?
3) Where is your Book? how can you forget a book? Who is going to read at home?
4) Who will Come Forward to solve Next Maths Problem?
5) Both Of You! Out Of my Class.
6) Everyone Keep Quite Otherwise, I am Going To Punish Everyone.
7) Whoever Absent Yesterday Raise your Hand.
8) Stand Outside of the Class and pay Attention
9) Don’t talk in front of my back
10) Prepare for your Surprise Test.

11) Keep Quite and Answer My Question
12) Even Animal Can Understand Better than You.
13) Call Your Parents Tomorrow
14) OH! You Can not Able to answer this Simple Question!
15) Where is the homework?

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