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15 Interesting Facts About Internet

Written by Anuj Prajapati

WWW- World Wide Web. We all people now use to it. Internet became our part of life. we people can’t live without the internet.

From Morning news to at night tv we people use the internet. The idea for what would become the World Wide Web has proposed 25 years ago today on a NeXT computer, on March 12, 1989.

Here are some Amazing Facts about the internet that you should know.


1) There are an estimated 637 million websites (source), of which there are over 250 million blogs.

2) There are approximately 1 Lacks new .com domain names registered every day

3) Mark Zuckerberg’s original Facebook profile number ID is 4.

4) 500 million tweets are sent ever day.

5) The GIF format was invented by Steve Wilke, an engineer at Compuserve in 1987.

6) WordPress, the most widely known Content Management System (CMS) for websites, powers approximately 63 million blogs

7) first website went online on Aug. 6, 1991. Berners-Lee and his fellow CERN team members launched with a landing page that only contained 153 words.

8) Users in the U.S. account for 78.6 percent of global web usage so we can say that American rocks at Internet world.

9) There are about 7 billion people on Earth. 17{1154825eec990eb24260305d599f09fa1fc6d7547b9fd2b531810dc21d47c956} of humans are on Facebook. Facebook has an estimated 1.2 Billion active users.

10) Wow, do you know that About 250 billion emails are sent every day

11) In Youtube there are 72 hours of video are uploaded in every minute, and YouTube’s copyright-checking software scans over 100 years of video every day.

12) Gangnam Style” by Psy is still the most viewed YouTube video of all time. It’s been viewed over two billion times.

13) There are 191.3 million Tumblr blogs.

14) The most expensive keyword for Google AdWords is “insurance.”

15) In the internet world, there is 37{1154825eec990eb24260305d599f09fa1fc6d7547b9fd2b531810dc21d47c956} porn site.

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