The 3 Best Diners in Boise, ID

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Boise, Idaho, is a bustling, modern city with a small-town feel. It embodies the best qualities of the character of the United States. Nothing is quite as charmingly American as a diner. The atmosphere is homey and comfortable; the food is tasty and unpretentious, and the prices are generally reasonable. You experience all of these features without the bland, cookie-cutter uniformity of a fast-food joint. When you want good and basic fare, Boise has some great choices — many of them not far from some of the best hotels in the city.

The Best Breakfast in Boise at Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro

The proclamation above is what the website says about Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro. As with any good eatery, you may face a long wait to be seated, but staff members at Goldy’s are happy to take your cellphone number and call you when your table is ready. You can take the time to explore the neighborhood or hang out in the coffee shop around the corner. Either way, the dining experience is definitely worth the wait.

The Veggie Bennie, a vegetarian eggs Benedict, is a popular choice, as is the Sunrise Mimosa. The sausage gravy, frittatas, pancakes, and fresh fruit cups are all celebrated by customers. And, as befits an Idaho establishment, Goldy’s has a wealth of potato options. Fried, hash-browned, or seasoned, they do it right at Goldy’s.

Good Old-Fashioned Fare at Moon’s Kitchen Cafe

Moon’s Kitchen Cafe is best known for its milkshakes, and the Guinness milkshake is a particular favorite. The atmosphere is cozy, and the service is fast and friendly. The decor is classic Americana and so is the food. This dependable institution is as popular with locals as it is with visitors. Here you’ll get a good meal at a reasonable price.

When in Idaho…the Boise Fry Co.

You can’t escape the state’s largest cash crop, and the Boise Fry Co. is the place for french-fried potatoes — with burgers on the side. Boise Fry Co. has three locations in Boise. The diner offers a choice of five types of potatoes, five cut styles for your fries, and a variety of dipping sauces.

Pair the fries with a beef, bison, or vegan burger served on soft whole-wheat potato buns with a variety of topping choices. Some may find the fries-and-burgers menu too limited, but what Boise Fry Co. does, it does well. If you’re in the mood for a hearty dinner, Boise Fry Co. is the place to go.

For those who do much traveling, the highways and airports along your journey can start to blend together in the mind. The same seven restaurant chains serving up the same types of foods can get boring after a while. Seek out the eclectic, the classic, the flavors, and the ambiance of the local diners, especially when your travels take you to Boise. You’ll soon find that good people and good food can bring out the character of a great city.


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