4 Best Bars in Smyrna, GA

If you are looking for the best bars in Smyrna, Georgia, some can be found in family-friendly restaurants. Since these establishments were built to promote a jovial atmosphere, they are prime sites for you to go unwind and enjoy a good drink. With that in mind, here are four of the best bars in Smyrna.

Keegan’s Irish Pub

Best Bars in Smyrna

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Keegan’s Irish Pub was founded with the purpose of sharing the tradition of the Irish “public house” where people would gather and tell stories. With that in mind, Keegan’s is a family-friendly pub that does its part to build a greater sense of community in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Patrons at Keegan’s are treated to a menu that includes Irish plates, but most dishes have a Southern flare. The pub serves signature cocktails, 20-ounce drafts, and bottled beers. For an extra treat, Keegan's also hosts musical performers every Friday and Saturday evening.

Best Bars in Smyrna

El Sol Mexican Bar & Grill

El Sol Mexican Bar and Grill serves Tex-Mex with a Cuban flair. The restaurant serves at least nine different kinds of margaritas, including its house mix and a jalapeño margarita. Those at the bar can also choose from a selection of wines, beers, and mixed drinks. El Sol also offers soft drinks and natural fruit juice.

While the bar is a large draw, El Sol Mexican Bar and Grill is still a family-friendly establishment. The restaurant has plenty of booths and tables, bright yet gentle lighting, and a festive, welcoming feel to it.


Eleanor’s is a bar inside of Muss Turner’s restaurant. Affectionately named after Eleanor Seale, a good friend of the restaurant’s founders, the bar is infused with the energy of its namesake. Every now and then, Eleanor makes an appearance at the restaurant and brings a guest to discuss a certain cause.

Best Bars in Smyrna

Patrons who visit the bar are treated to draft beers, a selection of wines, and mixed drinks called Eleanor's Cocktails. The names of those drinks are references to pop culture. For example, there is a drink called Bey Hive — it’s a mixture of Barr Hill Gin, Suze, elderflower, and lemon.

Zama Mexican Cuisine & Margarita Bar

Zama Mexican Cuisine & Margarita Bar has a full menu of Mexican foods, but guests are always welcome to make a beeline to the bar. The restaurant boasts its margaritas. There are six to choose from, including the Zama margarita which contains silver tequila and orange liqueur. There is also a large selection of beers (draft, imported, and domestic), vino, mojitos, and daiquiris, but the main draws are the margaritas. Zama also touts its friendly service. The family-friendly restaurant has highly professional servers who promote a relaxed atmosphere.

As you’re planning your trip to Smyrna, find some great deals on hotel rooms. Can you find hotels that are close enough to the restaurants and bars listed here? While you are in town, take some time to enjoy a good drink. Though some bars are part of restaurants, those places are dedicated to giving their patrons a pleasant and memorable experience.

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