5 High cholesterol foods that you should avoid

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Cholesterol is generally perceived harmful when we talk about it in terms of health. And hey, isn’t that what most TV commercials tell us. In scientific speak, cholesterol can be bifurcated into HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

Out of the two, Low-density Lipoprotein has been scientifically proven to be the ‘bad cholesterol’. As per a Harvard Medical School study which was published in the Lancet, researchers have discovered that individuals who carry variants of LDL are more susceptible to coronary heart diseases.

So yes, LDL is actually harmful to your heart. Now the amount of LDL your body has originated from the kind of food you eat. Here are the high cholesterol foods you should avoid to curb the build-up of LDL cholesterol in your body.

Excess coffee

If you consume the excess of caffeine and challenge your nocturnal cycle, stop. Excess caffeine results in the release of cafestol that raises LDL cholesterol levels.

Pasta with cheese and meat

We all know how appetizing well-made pasta is. But most kinds of pasta today have a lot of cream, cheese, and meat to lend a creamy texture and good taste. Avoid eating pasta that contains these three ingredients as they result in high cholesterol.

Full cream milk

While there’s no doubting that having milk contributes to calcium content and vitamin D in your body, full cream milk is a blatant source of high cholesterol. Avoid it at all costs.

Energy Bars

They might be filled with nuts and nutrients to curb your hunger, but they are also full of saturated fats that lead to high cholesterol.


A staple in many Indian households, ghee is another dairy item that contains saturated fat in the form of palmitic acid which leads to clogging of arteries in the long run.


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