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5 Twitter List You Should Make and Use

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Twiter Became fastest social media platform. Twitter Provide you twitter list option where you can add the various profile in your particular list. For Example, if you are a sport lover fans then you can add all your sports lover followers as well as the brand. so you can get easily sports information through that list.

Here I am going to show you that which kind of list you should make.


1. Your Customer List: 

Customers are always playing a key role business. you have to make your customer happy and show them that you care about them. So stay connected and create a twitter list where you can add your customers and always be there for solving their problems.

2. Influencers:

Each industry has thought pioneers and influencers that advance us. This Twitter rundown will help you stay aware of what they’re tweeting about, help you to effortlessly draw in with their tweets, and get on their radar if that is an advantage to your organization. Keep this rundown open with the goal that others can without much of a stretch subscribe and you’ve now turned into an asset fixate on Twitter for your industry.

3. Competitors:

We generally need to comprehend what our rivals are up to in the Twitterverse. This rundown ought to totally be kept private and it’s not implied for you to connect with these profiles. Utilize this rundown as research to see what your rivals are tweeting about and who is drawing in with their tweets.

4. Your Team: 

In the event that you have representatives, contractual workers, specialists and other colleagues who are likewise on Twitter, make a run down to stay aware of them. Supporting your representatives and transforming them into your business online is an effective instrument. Draw in with your group through Twitter, retweet their substance, and highlight them as yo

5. People Who Engage with you:

When you tweet something and people engage with you like through comments or retweet then you should add those users to your twitter list. Better to keep engage with those users so they can share your content on social media.

Source: 8 Twitter Lists You Should Be Using

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