7 Tips Every WhatsApp User Should Know

Written by Anuj Prajapati

1) Stop auto download:
It always a problem when unwanted images and video automatically download. It acquires unnecessary space. you can now change your settings so that you can pick and choose which pictures to download.

2) Disable your Last Seen
sometimes we can’t reply the message every time so we can disable the last seen so no one can check that you are online or not

3) You can change your WhatsApp number
We people use multiple mobile numbers on the same phone. When we need to change the number people use to uninstall the WhatsApp and then reinstall again but now can change the number without taking this type of load.


4) Access deleted message;
You can access deleted messages on Android phones.

5) Lock the App
There are several apps that allow you to lock the messaging service, that is available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry users.

6) Create a fake conversation
You can actually create fake conversations with yourself. Sometimes you see some fake conversation regarding celebrity that was creating in this type of particular app.

7) Whatsapp on your computer

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