Accepting an arranged marriage, make it work

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Be it love or arranged, trust and understanding are two basic factors behind a happy marriage. With its share of mixed perceptions, arranged marriages do result in some of the strongest relationships. Know how you can make it work:

Worrying before marriage

Arranged marriage comes with its share of pre-marital jitters. Both man and woman go through anxiety regarding sharing space together after marriage. Understand the fact that both you and your spouse-to-be need each other as much as possible to make the marriage work and have a strong relationship. Interacting with your partner will ease out tension and even help in building intimacy.

Adjustment and communication

Both the man and woman are under pressure from their families to make the marriage work. They may have their own set of likes and dislikes. In-laws can also constantly scrutinise your actions. Fret not! It is your better half who should matter the most. Have a frank talk with your spouse and list out your needs and troubles. He or she is also as confused and nervous as you are. Proper communication and simple adjustments can go a long way.

Loving a stranger

Marriage comes with a truckload of problems that you must face with your partner. Conquering obstacles and sharing the same space is bound to create emotions of affection, even if they were devoid before. Reciprocate the feelings and be patient.

Strong willpower and mutual respect – That is what you need to have a happy arranged married life.

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