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Airtel And Google Announce Partnership For Low-Cost Smartphones

Airtel and Google have announced partnership for cheap smartphones in India. Under this partnership, 4G smartphones will be launched with low price spectacular features with the Go version of Android Oreo. Let Airtel launch a smartphone with the Android Go operating system under its first smartphone campaign.

Airtel will launch the Lava and Micromax smartphones in the market under this partnership. These smartphones will get pre-loaded apps like MyAirtel App, Airtel TV, and Wynk Music. However, the company has not yet disclosed the phone’s prices and launch date.

Android Oreo (Go Edition) is specially designed for low-RAM smartphones. With this operating system, the entry-level smartphone will have an Android Oreo 8.0 experience. This light version of Oreo will also work smoothly from 512 MB to 1 GB RAM, and there will be no storage problem. There will be a pre-installed Google Go app in this OS that will have many apps including Google, Facebook, and Twitter. By the way, Google Go has come to Play Store.

The biggest advantage of this operating system will be that the battery life of your smartphone will be longer. Even if there is a low MAH battery in the phone In addition to this version the mobile app will also be optimized. After this, the size of the app will be reduced. The maximum size of the app can be up to 10 MB. Android Go will find all the features that are in Android Oreo 8.0. There will also be huge savings of mobile internet data.

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