All You Need To Know About Smartphone Changes

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Smartphone are the basic need of human being. People can’t leave without Mobile phones. But Imagine your life 10 years back when there are not good mobiles are there and we people use old phones that just used for call only.

If We Talk about the mobiles than The 1st camera phone released in Japan 2000. We all know that screen memory is the most expensive part of the smartphone.


We know that when the smartphone invented that time people just use this invention for calling then small basic games but nowadays we people use the smartphone for different apps as well as crazy games like temple run….

There are so many technologies invented like apps. For example when we want to send some message to our friends at that time we people use message facility but now we people use WhatsApp, wechat or hike message.


4G Technology:

I Still Remember when 3G Network Launch in India. People of India get crazy when they came to know about 3G Speed but now high-speed 4G introduced in India.

Octa Core Technology:

For smartphones in 2014, it was mostly about quad-core power. Now, a year later everyone is moving to octa-core processors. Whether it’s the Samsung Galaxy S6, the HTC One M9 or the recently announced OnePlus 2 as well as now Micromax Launch this technology.


Funny Facts that shows Mobile phone takes our life:

  • Samsung has more galaxy then the universe.
  • At the last moment of death, people took a selfie and then posted on facebook with the hashtag #LastSelfie
  • Nowadays people doing everything just because to take some perfect profile picture.


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