Amazing Place: Assam’s world largest River Island

Majuli Island of Assam is the world’s largest river island. It is on the Brahmaputra river. In 2016 became the first island to become a district in India. In the beginning of the 20th century, its area was 1,250 square kilometers (483 square miles). But due to a considerable erosion, it saved 352 square kilometers in 2014. The fees are gradually decreasing. It is recognized as the world’s largest river island.

This island is made up of Brahmaputra river in the south and part of the Brahmaputra connects to the Subansiri river in the north. The Majuli Island can be reached by the valleys of the city of Jorhat. This island is about 300-400 kilometers (186-249 miles) from the state’s largest city – Guwahati. This is due to the curriculum changes by changing the river Brahmaputra and its tributaries, mainly by Lohit. Majuli Assamese is a residence of neo-Vaishnav culture.

world largest River Island

Before it is completely submerged, take some time from your hi-tech life and plan a trip to this island.

Cruises on luxury ships can take you to your destination, but to understand the lives of locals, it is best to travel on a motorboat like them. You will have to go by boat for the Kamlabari Ghat from Neemarati Ghat. This is like any other public transport.

It is home to almost two lakh people by Brahmin, Kalitas, Mathis, Devori, and others. Visitors can live in different resorts, which can only remind you of your hostel days due to the availability of basic amenities or limited residents.

world largest River Island

While walking to your place, you will see paddy and mustard fields, and bamboo plantations on the roads Bamboo stalled house with an open fireplace between Machan tribe, among the different home forms – is quite unique, and you will see that women are working.

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