Amit Shah came to rescue his son Jay Shah

BJP President Amit Shah has denied corruption questions in his son’s company. He has said that there is no question of corruption in Jai Shah’s company. Amit Shah was answering the question about the story of ‘The Wire’ two days ago, which said that the turnover of Jai Shah’s company increased 16 thousand times in the same year after the BJP came to power Taxes are 80 crores.

When a news channel asked Amit Shah about this, he said that Congress is raising the question today but it itself is surrounded by several allegations of corruption. Has he ever filed a criminal contempt or a civil contempt case of Rs. 100 crore?

Amit Shah

After all, why did not they show the courage to file a case in such cases. Jay Shah has demanded an investigation from the court.

Significantly, Congress has demanded an inquiry into this matter. Whereas BJP has termed the ‘Wire’ story as abusive. On October 9, after the story was published on the wire, Jai Shah demanded action against them in the Metropolitan Court of Ahmedabad.

Jay Shah petition states that there are criminal proceedings against the author of the wire, the author of the report and the publisher. The report of the wire is sensational, misleading, abusive and false.

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