Apex consumer panel asks Maruti Suzuki India Ltd to refund the car amount

If the car company refuses to fix the problem in your vehicle then you can get the full price of the car back. A similar case has recently surfaced when the country’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki was unable to cure the malfunction in one of its models.

When the matter reached the Consumer Commission, the decision came in favor of the customer and Maruti was asked to return the price of the car.

In fact, Dr. KS Kishore, a resident of Andhra Pradesh, bought the Maruti Suzuki Alto LX 800 car on January 10, 2003. He bought this car for 3.3 lakh rupees. According to the client, running this car in the second, third and fourth gear felt a jerk and the sound was heard.

The customer said that even after driving the dealership several times this reduction could not be removed from the car. Subsequently, Dr. Kishor turned to the highest consumer commission. The Consumer Panel has instructed Maruti Suzuki India Limited to return the full price of the car.

The Consumer Panel has said that if there is a fault in any vehicle, then the company that carries the vehicle has a duty to remove that malfunction. If the fault does not go away, then the company will have to pay back all the money to the customer who bought the car.

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