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Apple 6.1-inch iPhone XC Smartphone Price leaked

Apple has organized the event on September 12 in its Apple Park campus in Coventry, California. During the event, the company can launch the iPhone 2018 model. The iPhone Xs will have a 5.8-inch OLED display, this will be an upgrade version of the iPhone X. The 6.5-inch OLED model can be launched with the iPhone Xs Plus and 6.1-inch LCD models, called the iPhone Xc.

The new leaked front before the launch of the iPhone 2018 model revealed the potential value of the three handsets. The price of the iPhone 2018 is revealed on the Chinese website Weibo. According to Weibo, Apple’s affordable variant iPhone Xc initial price is 5,888 Chinese yuan (around Rs 62,100), the initial price of the iPhone X is 7,388 Chinese yuan (about Rs 77,900) and the initial price of iPhone Xs Plus is 8,388 Chinese yuan (about 88,400 rupees) Might be possible.

Apart from this, CNBC’s report was claimed that according to an analyst at Goldman Sachs, Apple’s affordable variant will be known as the iPhone 9. The initial price of the iPhone 9 can be $ 849 (about Rs. 61,500). Earlier speculation was being made that the price of this handset could be worth $ 699 (about Rs 50,600). The iPhone XC is expected to have dual-SIM support.

This model, with dual sim, is likely to be sold only in China. It is not clear whether the company will be offered dual-sim support in the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus. During the launch event on September 12, the price of all the three handsets of Apple will be exposed. The event will start at 10.30 pm Indian time.

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