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Apple Sold 2.9 Million iPhone X: Report

The legendary iPhone maker Apple launched its most popular handset iPhone X last year. This phone is being liked by users all over the world. Giving proof of this, Canalys, a Singapore-based market research company, has made a big disclosure in its report about the sale of iPhone x.

The Company has been reported in the report that in the fourth quarter of the year 2017, Apple sold a total of 2.9 million iPhone X Smartphone.

iPhone X

With this, iPhone X also became the world’s best-selling smartphone during the holidays. Canalys has stated in his report that, “Another remarkable thing about the iPhone is that it has a total of 2.9 million sales, out of which 70 million phones were sold in China.”

Ben Stanon, the analyst at this research company, said that “Apple was struggling with supply crunch at the beginning of November (2017), but due to a significant increase in production by the end of November and entire December, Succeeded in completing the end of the year. ” It has also been reported in this research report that Apple also receives great benefits from changing the old iPhone to a new iPhone.

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