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Apple Wins Case against Samsung, Will Get 3600 Crores

Apple has won the 7-year-old case of stealing design between Apple and Samsung. Now Samsung will pay a compensation of 3600 crores to Apple. Actually, in the case of design theft, the US court has convicted Samsung and has ordered the compensation to be given to Apple.

Explain that Apple filed a case against Samsung in 2011, alleging that Samsung had stolen the design of Apple’s patent iPhone. Samsung was found guilty in the initial verdict and it was ordered to pay Apple $ one billion, but Samsung wanted to reduce the amount of the damages.

In this case, in the case of 7 years, the US Court has ruled in favor of Apple. Apple says it is happy with the court’s decision. For us, this case was more important than money. Apple accused Samsung of theft of three design painters and two utility patents. The court also imposed a penalty of approximately Rs 34 crore on Samsung in the case of the patent function.

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