Approaching a blind date

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Blind dates are always exciting. They fill you up with excitement, all the while giving you those slight jitters of making the best impression. And even though you think those luscious curls, perfect pout, hot LBD and stylish pumps might help you – there is much more that you need. It is important that you are well-versed with the rules of etiquettes that you need to display. And it is for such first-time blind-daters that these tips will come handy.

Watch your words

We know you are trying hard to make the guy think that you are super cool, but don’t go overboard with the talks. Women who are too chatty, may not be so alluring. Speak what you have to ( with lots of editing) but also be a good listener.

Keep a check on that body odor

Anxiety due to the blind-date may lead you to sweat profusely, so keep a good cologne in your tote or sling. Excuse yourself and freshen up, but don’t get up too often as it may irritate him.

Don’t get too friendly with alcohol

Yes, you love wine, but save the drunk behavior for your girls’ night outs. Too much alcohol can make you speak more than required and that is certainly not in the plan. This is a formal date so sip slowly, chews nicely and just enjoy the date.

So if you have a blind date coming up, you know what to keep in mind.

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