Auto Expo 2018: Indian Companies are giving tough competition to international companies

Indian and international companies participating in Auto Expo 2018 have left no stone unturned to the audience. Indian company Mahindra has created a new segment of the market by introducing a convertible SUV. At the same time, Tata’s SUV H5X, designed by the Indian engineer, is appealing to the audience.

International companies are also not behind, Japan’s Honda Cars have introduced the second generation of images in India to change its image. In this Auto expo, many companies including Honda Two Wheels, Yamaha, TVS, and Toyota are passionate about the vehicle audience.

Auto Expo 2018

Mahindra convertible SUV

Convertible cars or SUVs were still used to identify foreign companies only. But Auto Expo 2018 is different in this sense. Mahindra & Mahindra, the country’s leading automobile company, has tried to draw the attention of everyone by showing the country’s first convertible SUV TUV Stinger. The company has given information about some of its features. However, it has refused to tell when it will be introduced in the market.

Mahindra TUV Stinger has been designed on ladder frame chassis, TUV 300 has also been built on this platform. Its design is very similar to TUV. It has a 2.2-liter 3-cylinder M-Hawk diesel engine, which will provide a torque of 140 ps and torque of 320 nm.

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