Baba, Baba and Baba save india from Baba

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Now a days so many baba comes in a news, not for good but came out controversial topics.

Now One more Frozen Baba Ashutosh Maharaj Came out due to some controversial issue.


Godman Ashutosh Maharaj, who was in his 70s was declared dead on 29th january 2014, but his Blind followers refused to perform his cremation by claiming that the Ashutosh Baba is in deep meditation. His supporters have blocked entry into the ashram so no one can enter.

Dera works in 110 centres in India and abroad and properties worth about Rs 1,500 crore.

We all people leave in a 21 century and still we believe this type of blindness. One side we all talking about young and technological india and another side we believe in Godman people. Due to active media and active social media person we know about this type of blindness.

when India will be free from this type of baba. there are a big list of baba like nirmal baba, asaram baba, Nithyanand baba, Rampal baba, etc..

Last Line Of Bollywood movie OH MY GOD: ” Is desh mai school se jyada log mandir mai jate hai”.

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