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Bangalore is the second most clogged metro after Kolkata

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Traffic always became a huge problem in mega cities. Ola, India’s leading mobile app for transportation made public, key insights from recent data that it has collected over the last six months on city transportation patterns across the country. The data offers a glimpse of into how traffic across top 7 metros in the country moves during different hours of the day. The data also highlights some interesting trends around workplace commute and names the 7 worst traffic bottlenecks across the country.

Pranay Jivrajka, COO at Ola said, “Location data is core to us at Ola, as we go about our mission of building mobility for a billion people. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the Ola app, help relay rich data in real-time, helping us predict demand and plan our inventory better. With data of vehicular movement from over 100 cities across the country we are present in today, we can draw very insightful analysis on traffic conditions urban commute patterns. A lot of this data can also be extremely useful to solve for important issues like de-congestion, urban planning, traffic management and more. We are working with the government at multiple levels to put this rich data to use over the long term for improving the state of mobility in the cities we live in.”


Some interesting insights from Ola’s data:

The Average speed of cities:

  • The fastest average vehicular movement across the top 7 metros is witnessed in Delhi and Pune with the average speed in both the cities being 23 km/hr.
  • Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad follow these cities with average speeds being 21, 20 and 19 km/hr respectively.
  • Bangalore and Kolkata are cities where vehicles move the slowest, with average speeds being as low as 18 and 17 km/hr respectively.

Speed across the country through the day:

  • The top average speed of Indian traffic is 33 km/hr between 3 to 6 AM
  • The lowest average speed stands at just 18 km/hr, understandably between 6 to 9 PM
  • The average speed remains at 19 km/hr between 9 to 12 noon when most people travel to their offices.

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