Best places to explore for nature lovers

Away from the glitzy cities and highways lies a world where nature is found at its purest. Whether you like furry critters, exotic sea animals or just enjoy the feeling of nature around you, these are some the places you should visit.

Denali National Park, Alaska

Amidst the stark cold weather of Alaska lies the Denali National Park. The region is home to over a million caribou or reindeer, thriving in the grasslands here. Hiking across the magnanimous landscape while spotting herds of caribou is an experience not found anywhere in the world. Denali National Park is also home to the local tribes that have been living here since centuries. It is a rewarding experience to learn a thing or two from them about survival.

Crystal River, Florida

Manatees are some of the rarest and strangest mammals known to mankind.Come November and Crystal River is filled with around 350-400 manatees who migrate to the warmer waters of Florida. Some of the areas are sanctuaries and are off-limits for tourists, but Kings Bay allows passive interaction between divers and gentle creatures.


Like its name, the Howler Monkey is known for its grunt-like roar that is often mistaken for much larger and predatory animals. Experience vocal pandemonium in the rainforests of Belize by cruising up the Monkey River on the country Caribbean coast. The region is also home to numerous native species of iguana, crocodiles, bats and birds, making the place a much-loved ecosystem by both animals and tourists.

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