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Beware: Reliance Jio Has Not Launched Any JioCoin App

After Bitcoin’s market became hot, in India, the JioCoin was suddenly discussed. Many reports said that Reliance will soon launch a JioCoin like Digital Currency BitCoin.

Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance Jio has advised people to stay away from it in view of the news of the digital currency JioCoin app, saying that there is no such app. In a statement, the company said, Reliance Jio informs people and the media that the company or anybody connected to it does not offer such an app.

JioCoin App

Any app that uses the name of the JioCoin is fake. There is an app called JioCoin on the Google Play Store, which has been downloaded by thousands of people.

The rumor was that a fake website named JioCoin was also launched, though it has now been closed. Right now, Reliance has officially reported the news of the JioCoin App as a rumor and said that the company is not in the process of launching any such app.

JioCoin App

The company has clearly stated in one of its statements that there is news of the arrival of the Fake app called JioCoin and money is also being made by people through them, whereas the fact is that the company does not launch anything like this.

Let me tell you that the news had come before that Reliance Jio is now preparing for the launch of cryptoCurrency JioCoin and its responsibility will be on the shoulder of Mukesh Ambani’s eldest son, Akash Ambani. His team will include 50 people who will develop blockchain technology for JioCoin.

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