Mysterious village is situated below this pit

Written by Anuj Prajapati

This village, situated 846 km away from Adelaide town in Australia, is unique in itself. Now you must have thought that the whole field is empty then the village is said. So let us tell you, that the village is below this empty plain.

Yes, this village, called Kubo Pedy, is situated inside the ground. These houses built inside the ground look like a pile from the top. But their textures and decorations from inside are not less than a palace. In this village with a population of 3,500, 60 percent of the people live in land, in luxurious houses.

In 1915, the work of mining started, for the search of opaline here. Due to this the people here had to face difficulties in living. After the problems of everyday living, people have made their own home in the mines after finishing the mining, instead of going anywhere else. From this place, 95 percent of the world’s opal is found.

Opal is a milky precious stone. These houses built inside the ground are made very beautiful, and are made according to the temperature. It is designed in such a manner that neither here nor in the summer A.C. It does not matter, nor does the heaters in the winter. The doors of all the houses are at the ground level. There are many hotels, spas, churches, casinos, pubs and some museums inside. Here many Hollywood movies are shot.

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