A bite of Authentic Rajasthani cuisine at Jodhpur

When a foodie travels, he or she is not bothered by the sights and the sounds of the holiday destination. A foodie always goes straight for the kill Рthe tastes and cuisine of the place. India’s diverse cuisine makes the country one of the most exciting places for such gourmet lovers.

Rajasthan is one of the most colorful regions of the country and Rajasthani food exudes the lovely culture of the state. And Jodhpur is a great place to experience the regal cuisine from this land of Rajputs.

A breakfast in Rajasthan is all about filling your stomach to the brim before stepping out for the day. A typical breakfast here will consist of hot pooris with sabzi along with banana crepe rolls served with honey – the epitome of classic comfort food.

Mehrangarh Fort is a spectacle on its own but the food served here is a different story altogether. Here you will get a chance to taste the royal flavors of an authentic Rajasthani thali.

This potpourri of dishes consists of traditional Rajasthani dishes like Kadhi, Ker Sangri, laal maas and white chicken curry. A specialty of Rajasthani food is the fact that the dishes have high contrasts in their flavors.

One moment you might be enjoying the clean and mild flavors of the white chicken curry, the next moment you may be breathing fire as you chew on mutton pieces from a helping of laal maas.

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