Breaking the ice in an arranged marriage

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Apart from the excitement and nervousness, an arranged marriage is filled with feelings of inhibitions and awkwardness. This is natural as it takes a time to open up to a complete stranger. However, a little push in the right direction and such couples can withstand the test of time like any other.

arranged marriage

Here are some ways of breaking the ice initially.

Communicate properly

Communicating your expectations properly is a key in breaking the ice in an arranged marriage. It is advisable to convey your expectations in terms of your career and personal life to your partner beforehand.

Finding a comfort zone

Choose a setting where both of you feel comfortable and can get involved in a frank discussion. Do not meet in an intimidating or formal place as it can make things difficult for you. All relationships demand a comfort zone and once you have reached there, it won’t take a time to open up.

Do things that matter

Small gestures of affection matter a lot in the long run. These things can get you closer and are quite helpful in kicking off the romance. Despite busy schedules, spending time with each other and sharing activities helps a lot. For example, going to the gym or evening walk together will definitely help you get with each other. You can also surprise your spouse by cooking something special for him/her.

Following these tips can help you get rid of that initial hesitation and set a base for a long and healthy relationship



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