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Britain Government set minimum standards on the content of facebook and twitter

In the UK, the government has cracked the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for youth. In the UK, the minimum standards of content available for youth who use all social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, will be set.

According to the report of The Telegraph, the ministers started a campaign in collaboration with the children’s charities, due to which Facebook and Twitter will have to change their websites according to young users.

facebook and twitter

According to the report, the government will make the minimum standard to make the design of the social site suitable for the age, for which it will make the law. There is a possibility of heavy penalties imposed on firms who fail to comply with the rules.

British Health minister Jeremy Hunt asked Facebook to stay away from their children, which was taken three days later. He was speaking against the Messenger launched by Facebook last week for children under 13 years of age. This messenger provides video chat and messaging facilities to children with their family and friends.

Hunt tweeted, “Facebook had told me that they would come back with new ways to stop the short-term use of their product, but instead they actively targeting small children. Stay away from my kids and work responsibly.

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