Buy JioFi at Rs 1,999 and get advantage of Rs 3,595

Reliance Jio will soon start giving free data and Jio vouchers to JioFi for Rs 1,999. In this offer, customers will get the benefit of a total of Rs 3,595. The company will give a JioFi of Rs 999 for Rs 1,999, in which user will get bundled data of Rs 1,295 and Jio voucher of Rs 2,300. Let’s say that the price of JioFi has fallen from Rs 1,999 in September to Rs 999 in September last year. Along with this, Airtel also drops its 4G hotspot at Rs 999.

Under the upcoming offer, a user who buys JeoFi for Rs 1,999 will get data worth Rs 1,295. Under this, users will be able to use 1.5 GB, 2 GB, and 3 GB plan. Users will get the benefit of a total of Rs 2,300 by mixing the benefits of Paytm, Aajio and Reliance Digital. By adding sub-commute, keeping both offers together, the user who buys JioFi inexpensive prices will have the advantage of Rs. 3,595.

The new Jio offer is not yet live, but according to the telecom operator, this offer can be launched on Thursday. More details will be available only after the launch of this plan.

Let me tell you that last year Reliance Jio had reduced the price of JioFi 4G hotspot to Rs 999 from Rs 1,999. This step was taken in the direction of JioFi to the maximum usage. Airtel also reduced its 4G Wi-Fi to 999 rupees. Recently, the telecom operator has recently joined Amazon with the aim of laying the 4G hotspot network across the country.

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