How to Buy Pool Supplies Online

Times and the advancement of technology has changed the way humans do a lot of things including shopping. Online shopping is almost second nature to many people. The pandemic of COVID 19 has further entrenched this habit.

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One may wonder whether there is anything that cannot be purchased online and we dare say nothing! But there are certain precautions to be taken when buying things online. We would share some of these precautions with you.

But before we do that, let’s give you a list of the essential products that you need for your pool.

Essential Swimming Pool Supplies

Most often, new homeowners are scammed into buying almost all the variants of swimming pool products that are available. But the truth is that you just need the basics.

The following are products that we consider essentials in 3 categories:

Pool Chemicals

These are products that are designed for the sanitizing of the pool. These items are also used to maintain the pH levels of the water. The most commonly known and used are bromine and chlorine.

There are also other specialty chemicals that are made to combat specific issues. They deal with algae, stain and generally keep the pool clean and properly sanitized.

Safety Products

These are items such as pool covers and winter covers. They are designed to protect the pool during winter or when not in use. It also ensures that children and pets would not fall into the water. Other safety items include self-locking latches and gates.

You can check this site for more safety measures to make your pool safe for kids.

Cleaning Supplies

Pool cleaning supplies include the following:-

  • Telescopic Pole – This comes in handy for any kind of cleaning and it is flexible enough to reach every corner of the pool
  • Vacuum Head-A vacuum head is the part that is attached to a telescopic pole for vacuuming pools.
  • Vacuum Hose – This hose is essential for the release of pressure to any of the tools that need pressure from the vacuum.
  • Brush Attachment- This is useful for scrubbing out the floor and walls of the pool
  • Skimmer Net Attachment – It is used to clear out every form of debris from pools.

Test Kits

These kits are essential for maintaining a clean, healthy and well balanced swimming pool. With it you test the water to know the calcium hardness, alkalinity, pH and chlorine levels. This helps you to know which chemicals to use and in what quantity.

The following we consider as non-essentials:-

Masks, goggles and gloves are useful for the protection of the eyes; this may be while swimming or when adding chemicals to the water. But we know that some people can do without them.

Floats, toys and lounges are obviously fun accessories that you can use to spice up your time in the water.

How to Buy Pool Supplies Online

Precautions For Shopping Online

  1. Buy from reputable and well known sellers. While you are at it, it is best to bookmark your most visited sites so that you wouldn’t need to type in the address. This is because a little typo can get you into the wrong (fake) site. And we know that this can land you into the hand of scammers.
  2. Do not be tempted to use public Wi-Fi while shopping online. This is because it is easy for scammers to get your card and other sensitive details.
  3. Verify that the new business site you want to shop from is authentic. You can do this by searching the Better Business Bureau site for information about them. Check for their US contact address and get in touch with them.
  4. If it is too good to be true, it is! Ensure that you know the comparative price of the product you want to buy. This comes in handy even (or especially) when buying pool supplies online. This is because some of these products are pricey and you may be tempted to fall for a price slash.
  5. Use very strong passwords and endeavour not to use the same password across different sites as a security breach on a site can compromise your personal details.


Buying stuff online can be very convenient but it also requires a high degree of caution. You can buy good quality supplies online but you have to be careful. Ensure that you implement the tips we shared above and the many more that abound online for your safety.

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