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Check Out Apple Profit on Each iPhone Sale

According to a report, global technology company Apple has made an average profit of 9,800 Rupees on the sale of every iPhone in the July-September quarter. In the global market, Samsung is primarily a competitor of Apple, which is far behind in this profitable issue. Apple’s earning is more than five times the smartphone manufacturer Samsung.

The research firm Counterpoint has concluded this in a report on Market monitor Program for the third quarter. According to this report, Apple’s per-unit profit is four times as compared to Samsung and 14 times the average profit per unit profit against China’s mobile brands. In the third quarter of 2017, Apple’s per-unit profit was $ 151 per unit.

Apple Profit

According to this Report, in the July-September quarter, Samsung’s average handset rate of handsets was more than $ 31 (Rs 1900). As far as the number of handset models in different price categories is concerned, then Samsung is in the first place.

The report said that the annual mobile handset profit has increased 13 percent in the quarter on a yearly basis. This increase is due to the strong performance of the brands of Samsung and China Smartphone Brands.

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