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Written by Anuj Prajapati

Finally, Priyanka Jagga Speaks About Bigg Boss truth. Due to the worst behavior, Salman Khan kicked out Priyanka Jagga from Bigg Boss House. Without any doubt, Priyanka Jagga is the most controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 10.

Last Week Priyanka Jagga Talks very rude and unethical stuff about Manu Panjabi’s dead mother. She also spoke some nasty and unexpectable things about Monalisa and Lopamudra.

After Priyanka Jagga Eviction from Bigg Boss house, she posted a video on Her Facebook Account. In this video, she tries to justify herself. In this video Priyanka Jagga Said that her health is not so good that’s why she told Bigg Boss makers to let her leave the house but they didn’t agree.


In this video, Priyanka Jagga also said that her health was not good and she didn’t get proper food as well as good doctor to look after her health condition. She said that she did all that nasty stuff with intention so Bigg Boss team let her leave the show.

Colors Channel said that all she said was fake. Channel issued a statement that “We wish we could show the audience the uncut version of how Priyanka Jagga misbehaved with Salman. She argued back in the most offensive manner. And from past 10 seasons we have been giving medical help to contestants why will we single out one contestant? This is a ridiculous claim that she wasn’t given adequate medical help. This is a case of sour grapes.”

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