Check How To Get Verified On Instagram

Blue Tick is a big deal in social media. The feature of Blue Tick was limited to Facebook and Twitter, but Photo Sharing App Instagram is now also the facilitator. Users of Instagram will now also be able to verify their account with Blue Tick. It started with Australia. The Facebook-owned company Instagram is doing its testing in Australia.

The address of this feature of Instagram goes on Wednesday when a user will have an option to apply for account verification on the iOS app. Instagram said that this feature has been launched to prevent transparency and fake accounts on the platform.

At present, Instagram users in Australia can apply for Blue Tick by app settings, though this feature is currently for iPhone users. Until next week, it will be released for Android users too. In the early stages, Justin Beber, Kim Kardashian, and Chris Hemsworth have been verified with the account of Blue Tick.

To verify the account with Blue Tick, users will have to prove their identity proof. Apart from this, you have to give usernames, full names, and photos. Instagram will inform users after verifying a few days after the arrival.

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