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Written by Anuj Prajapati

‘Earn in dinar, spend in dollars’ – enlisting top 10 currencies of the world.

1. KWD :

Most expensive and strongest currency in the world of the richest country in the world, a KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar) has a value of 3.32 US dollars. Being situated in Saudi peninsula, Kuwait is a small country, trading ‘black gold’ ( oil & gas ) is their main business.

2. BHD:

Bahraini dinar or BHD is second strongest currency of one of the richest city in the world has a value of 1 BHD is equal to 2.56 USD, also being supported by ‘Black oil’. The biggest note is of 20BHD that is equal to nearly 53 USD according to the current rate.

3. OMR:

3rd most expensive currency in the world is Oman Riyal of the sultanate of Oman. One OMR can buy 2.60 USD. beside than supported by oil and crude trading, this country also has certain development in the field of agriculture, dates, coconuts etc.

4. LVL: 

4th most expensive and strongest currency in the world LVL (Latvian Lat ) is a currency of republic of Latvia. 1 LVL can buy 1.61 US dollars. The biggest note is of 500 LVL is equally to 805 USD.

5. GBP:

The pound sterling also called GBP is a currency of The Great Britain and one of the oldest currency in the world. 1GBP can buy 1.42 US dollars. The biggest note is of 50 GBP. Besides, then the UK, GBP is also official currency of many other countries like the republic of south Georgia, south sandwich island, etc.

6. EUR:

Denoted as EUR, Euro is 6th strongest currency in the world, as being official currency of most of the European countries such as Germany, France, Spain etc. of European union. 1 EUR can buy 1.12 American dollars. The highest domination note is 50 EUR that can buy 561 American dollars.

7. CHF:

Famous for it’s safest and secret banking service & one of the reason, a Swiss frank can buy 1.04 American dollar. Swiss frank is denoted by CHF, official currency of Scandinavian country Switzerland. Biggest note is of 1000 CHF.

8. JOD:

The official currency of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is JOD ( Jordanian dinar). 1 JOD can buy 1.41 American dollars making it eight strongest currency in the world. The biggest note is of the 50 JOD which can buy $70.61. Jordan is also trading oil and crudes, the reason of being 8th strongest currency in the world.

9. SGD:

The Official currency of Singapore after the currency alteration from GBP to USD & USD to SGD. development has taken a place in terms of import- export and Singapore is now a hub of East for trading. One SGD can buy 0.70 USD.

10. AUD:

being official currency of Australia, and 10th strongest currency in the world, 1AUD is equal to 0.69 American dollars.

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