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Written by Anuj Prajapati

IHS Markt Ford Mustang has become the world’s most-used sports car. This car has recorded the record of the highest selling car for the second consecutive year. Telling Ford sold 150,000 units of Mustang around the world in 2016. Which included more than 45,000 units outside the US alone. This figure is 101 percent higher than the first year. China and Germany have the largest contribution to its development.

In 2016, Ford has officially recorded the export of Mustang for the second consecutive year in 140 markets around the world, this is the reason that you can predict its success. Ford Mustang will be available in six more markets in 2017.

Tell you that other sports cars tracked include the BMW 4 Series, Nissan 370z, Porsche 911 and Mazda MX-5. Let us know that a new model of Ford Mustang will have a 10-speed transmission. This car will also have advanced 5 liters V8 mill.

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