Common health myths for men

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Even after celestial leaps in medical science, there are still certain health myths that many men swear by. It is important that you know which of these myths are true and which need to be ignored. Here are some health myths busted:

Myth: Only 10 percent of the brain is used

The truth is that different parts of the brain are accessed almost all the time when different bodily functions are performed. In fact, many scientists performed CT scans and MRIs which prove that there is no part of the brain that lies useless.

Myth: The more you shave, the thicker will be your hair

This is a common myth that men believe in, mostly teenagers who strive to form a stubble. Shaving only removes the dead portion of hair but it does not affect the living section below the skin. Newly grown hair strands tend to look since they have not been exposed to the sun and other lightening atmospheric agents.

Myth: Chewing gum stays in your gut for 7 years

The human digestive system treats chewing gum just like anything else you consume. While it may not break down like other food products, it will soon be removed from your body in a matter of days. They are meant to be spat out as too many chewing gums in your gut can block your esophagus and parts of your intestine since they can withstand stomach acids better than other foods.

hopefully, these debunked myths will make you take better health decisions.

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