This Company offers free pizza to customers on One condition

Today everyone needs a smartphone. Without it, today’s life is incomplete. In fact, in today’s competitive times, every businessman thinks many ideas to attract his customers and brings new offers. But today we are going to tell you about a restaurant that has brought very unique offers.

According to this offer, they get free pizza while keeping them in the phone locker in the restaurant. There is also a reason for this, which are going to tell about it. A food company in California has taken initiative to reduce the addiction of smart phones among people. The Curry Pizza Company has given interesting offers to motivate people to talk in the group and distance from mobile phones. According to this company, the restaurant will have to put the customer in the phone locker during dinner, in exchange for a pizza free.

According to this offer, customers will have to come to the group for free pizza. The purpose of the company is to get people here to spend beautiful time with each other and to stop the use of phone use. Not only this, the company has so far given 50 major pizzas to the free people. Checks the phone so that people do not commit fraud by taking an old or useless phone to take advantage of this offer and eat free pizza. Pizza will be given to the customers 24 hours later, when they come again.


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