This company had to throw away 26 tons of ice cream

Corona and lockdowns have derailed the economy. Public life has been affected. Due to the lockdown, a Mumbai-based company has to throw away 26 tonnes of ice cream. The company had sought permission from BMC and the police to distribute the ice cream for free, but this was not possible due to Corana. The company then approached another firm to sell the ice cream.

The Naturals Ice Cream Factory in Mumbai was ready to distribute 26 tonnes of ice cream in 45,000 small boxes. The company says it was producing its best quality ice cream. But on March 19, the Maharashtra government announced that a lockdown would be imposed in the state from March 20. This was a big shock for the company. Consumption of ice cream was already significantly reduced due to corona virus infection. The company had a big question what to do now? This ice cream was ready, but if the finished ice cream is not distributed, it will spoil. But who buys this ice cream?

“We have not formulated any policy on what to do after the expiry of our products,” said Hemant Naik, vice-president, Natural Ice Cream. This has never happened before with the company. Being a dairy product, we couldn’t do anything about it. It had to be thrown away. We did not even think that the Maharashtra government would suddenly bring a lockdown before the Center Government.

The company has lost about Rs 2 crore due to this ice cream. This natural ice cream is made from fresh fruit juice, so this ice cream can be eaten 15 days after it is made. The company had no choice but to distribute the ice cream to the poor before its expiration date. The company had sought approval from the BMC and the police for this, including an application to allow the movement of vehicles required for distribution. The amount of ice cream that was not allowed went up and the company had no choice but to throw it away.

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