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To counter YouTube, Facebook launched the Watch video service

Written by Anuj Prajapati

To combat the confrontation with Google’s YouTube in the video business, Facebook has also decided to enter this segment. FB has created Video Platform Watch, which has been released for select users.

Watch is a video platform released by Facebook, which is a good opportunity for Creators and Publishers to show their creativity. Before this, Facebook launched the ‘Video’ tab to match YouTube

Facebook and Youtube

This tab was available for US users. In which the user could search the video on Facebook On Wednesday, Facebook’s product director Daniel Dakar told in his blog that we want to reach you favorite shows and videos, which you can easily see. For this, we have released a new platform ‘Watch’. Watch platforms will be available on mobile, desktop, laptop and TV app.

Simultaneously, Facebook has also made a deal for the live broadcast of the baseball match. According to this deal, Facebook will broadcast live matches every week. Facebook said that we want to give a chance to the video creator. For this, we have also collected some videos, which will be in the form of social and episode.

However, Facebook has also released this feature only for some people in America. Facebook said that we will provide the watch platform to some people, but will be issued to other people soon.

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