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Daily Thoughts in 4 Words

Written by Anuj Prajapati

We all people try to think positive and each and every moment we think something different. In our daily life, our mind thinks something crazy as well as interesting thoughts.

Here are interesting 4 words thoughts we people think our daily life schedule.


1) Can I go home?

2) I can’t believe this!

3) What would Hamlet do?

4) It’s just a dream.

5) I love cheese pizza

6) God is in control

7) Deliver on your promises

8) Where is the food?

9) I Love you baby

10) When the class over?

11) Can you be quiet

12) I need more food

13) I need to sleep

14) Thank God for Everything

15) Always Believe in Love

16) Stay true to yourself

17) Smile now cry later

18) There’s too much traffic

19) I need stronger Mind

20) Animals are so cool

21) Nothing’s bigger than GOD

22) What am I doing?

23) why am I awake

24) Live, Life is short

25) Some Things Never Change

26) I will survive today

27) Take a few chances

28) Never stop dreaming big

29) Things change real fast

30) Why am I single?

31) what is my life

32) Try and be happy

33) Be kind to animals

34) Make yourself proud today

35) The time is now

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