Dating someone who is still not over their ex

Written by Anuj Prajapati

A relationship can often be impacted by the emotional baggage of a past affair. An ex may have left your partner’s life, but he or she may still be haunted by the memories. In such cases, it is important to reconsider such a relationship or take steps to remove that influence from your partner’s life. Have a look:

Make yourself valued

If your partner is still not completely over his or her ex, it is important to realize that such a relationship is unfair towards you. This is where you need to showcase your value and convince your partner why he or she chose you instead of going back to the ex. This requires extra effort from your side, but consistency will result in a happier future.

Cutting off communication

This may be hard for your partner to go through, but your support can make all the difference. Sometimes your partner may still try to communicate with the ex, but it is essential for a healthy relationship that such instances do not take place. Encourage your better half to cut off contact with the ex if things are not going as planned.

Reconsider the relationship

At the end, you should think about your own emotional health. An ex can have major psychological blows on your life and make a relationship unstable. Communicate these feelings to your partner to make them understand where they need to work.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship and following these tips will help you and your partner strengthen it.

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