Dealing with a child who refuses to attend school

Written by Anuj Prajapati

Most parents feel frustrated and get angry when their kid refuses to attend the school. The reasons behind not going to the school might be many and it’s important for you to find them at the earliest. It gets a bit difficult to deal with such a child but patience is the key that will help you to find the answer. Here are some tips:

Dealing with a child

Try to know the root cause

As parents, it is essential that you get to the heart of the issue and try to know the reason behind it. Try to dig deep into the problem and talk to your kid as to what exactly the reason is. Ask open ended questions and try to know what exactly is bothering your kid. It may be a petty issue like the child is not in the right mood and it could be a serious matter too. So, it’s better to talk to your kid and know the reason.

Work on solutions at home and school

You are the one who needs to take care of the kid and help him learn and grow in life. You need to work on possible solutions both at home and at school. If some problem is persisting in the school, do not leave it up to the authorities rather plunge in and try to solve it. Talk to teachers and come up with a solid plan for home as well as school.

Do not shirk from taking any counseling or guidance as an expert can help you resolve the problem better.


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